God's Purpose for Your Marriage

Title: God's Purpose for Your Marriage

Text: Eph. 5:22-33

  1. Your Holiness Is God's Purpose for Your Marriage
      1. We all want to change in some way. Some of these changes are good, others not so good. But the problem with all of them is that they’re not ambitious enough. God offers us something more—much, much more…! We’re God’s glory, displaying His likeness!… There’s nothing ‘only’ about being human: we’re truly human as we reflect God’s glory.        -Tim Chester
      2. Sanctification is glory in the seed, and glory is sanctification in the flower.         -Thomas Watson
      3. Dealing with the sin problem is key to a thriving marriage.      -Dave Harvey
    1. God's Promise of Holiness
    2. God's Power for Holiness
    3. God's Process for Holiness
  2. Conflict, Communication, and Holiness
    • We’re all self-obsessed, self-centered, sinful human beings who want the world to revolve around us. Marriage throws two such individuals into close proximity.          -Tim Chester
    • James 4:1-3
    • Love is being lovingly honest and humbly approachable in times of misunderstanding, and being more committed to unity and love than you are to winning, accusing or being right.      -Paul Tripp
    • 1 Peter 4:7
    • Straightforward, clear, and transparent communication that is without manipulation, deceit, or subtext is essential to building a relationship of trust…. Constant conversation is the model each of us needs to pursue in our marriage. There is probably never a day free of the need for us to communicate about something that has happened in us or between us. The commitment to communicate tells your spouse that you love them, that you take your relationship seriously, and that you are committed to being open to examine yourself and willing to change. All these things protect the trust that is growing between you.      -Paul Tripp
    • [L]istening is not about being passive. Listening is an active commitment. In order to hear your spouse well, you have to fight the battle with your self-righteousness, your tendency to excuse what you have done, and your skill at shifting the blame. Listening is something you have to fight to do.        -Paul Tripp
    • Matt. 7:5