Love the Law (Psalm 19:7-11)

Sermon Recap

The middle of Psalm 19 is a love song to the Word of God, specifically God’s law. C.S. Lewis said, “I take this to be the greatest poem in the Psalter and one of the greatest lyrics in the world.” Most of us have never thought of composing a love song to the law of God. That’s exactly what David does. This passage is here to teach us to love God’s law.


1. The Character of the Law

God’s law is a reflection of his character. This is why David says the law is 1) perfect, 2) sure, 3) right, 4) pure, 5) clean, 6) everlasting, and 7) true and righteous. When faced with the mirror of God’s law, we must admit that we are not good like God. The law shows us our need for grace. 

2. The Blessings of the Law

If you don’t know you’re sick, you don’t go to the doctor. If you don’t know you’re spiritually dead (Eph. 2:1), you won’t go God for forgiveness and life in Christ. The law: 1) revives the soul, 2) makes wise the simple, 3) rejoices the heart, and 4) enlightens the eyes. The law leads us to the gospel.

3. The Wonder of the Law

We think the law is there to ruin our fun. But is actually there to show us what the good life looks like. It isn’t like bricks and broccoli—useful nutritious. It’s like gold and honey. 

Cultural forces extol the alleged thrill of sexual escapades, the novelty of one-night stands and triumphs of unending libidinal conquests. What they can’t know is the unspeakable joy when a woman who’s slept beside you for 25 years rolls over in the morning and says, “I love you.” Imagine how mind-blowing that is: this woman who knows everything about you, whom you’ve disappointed a thousand times, is still here

Reflection and Discussion Questions


  • What can the law do for us? What can’t it do for us? 

  • We often think the OT is about the law, and the NT is about the gospel. Read Psalm 103 and then read Matthew 5:17-48. Does this strict distinction (OT has law, NT has gospel) hold up? 


  • The law of God is like a mirror, showing us the ways we fail to measure up to his standard. Look again at Christ’s words in Matthew 5:17-48. Which of his commands have you broken in the last week or month? 

  • Read Isaiah 53:3-6. Jesus died to forgive the sins you’ve committed this month, this week, and this very day! Does that give you joy? Pray and ask him to make his grace come alive to you!


  • Choose one of Jesus’s commands in Matthew 5:17-48 that don’t make sense to you. Write it on a post-it and put it where you will see it. Ask God to show you the “honey” of it this week. 

  • Choose one of the 7 characteristics or 4 blessings of the law. Talk to God about it, and ask him to give you that characteristic or blessing this week. Then pay attention to see how he answers you!