Fear Not (Isaiah 43:1-5)

Sermon Recap

In Isaiah 43:1-5, God tells us to “fear not.” We are his children, he is our Father, and he invites us to come to him with our fears and anxieties and let him be our comfort, our consolation. 

1. The Source of Our Consolation

Isaiah 43:1 shows us that our consolation comes from the character of God. He is: 1) a God who reveals himself, 2) the Creator, 3) the Redeemer, 4) a God who calls us by name, and 5) the God we belong to. God himself is the source of our consolation.

2. Our Need for Consolation

All of us fear something. We all need consolation. Isaiah 43:2 tells us we need not fear in the midst of the waters (that which we cannot control) and the fires (that which we must endure). We can even count our trials as joy (1 Peter 1:6-7, James 1:2-4) because God uses them to perfect us. 

3. The Nature of Our Consolation

God meets our need for consolation by promising us the best kind we could hope for: He promises to be with us! God himself, his presence and peace, is our consolation.

4. The Reason for Our Consolation

Why would God bother to console our fears? It is because we are precious in his eyes, because he loves us (Isaiah 43:3-4). God’s love is the solid ground on which we can rest our hope in the midst of fear and trial.

Reflection and Discussion Questions

  1. God gives us a series of truths about his character to help us combat fear. Why does God tell us divine truth to do this? 

  2. Which of the five truths about God’s character do you find most helpful in combating fear? 

  3. God commands us to “fear not.” Why would he tells us what to do with our emotions? Can an emotional state be true or not? Can one emotional state be pleasing to God while another is not?

  4. What causes you to fear most in life right now? Is it something overwhelming that is simply beyond your control? Or is it a trial that you just have to get through? (Or is it both?!?) What comfort does Isaiah 43:2 offer you?

  5. Is God’s presence enough of a comfort for you? When in the Bible is God’s presence sufficient for his people? How do you know God is with you even now?

  6. God promises consolation to you because of his great love for you. He proved his love in the cross and resurrection of Jesus. Do you believe that Christ is all the proof of God’s love you need? 

Bringing It Home

This is a new section with suggestions for how to tangibly live out the truth of this week’s passage.

  1. Memorize this song and sing it when you feel frightened or alone (the Malawi team sang it for the care workers in Mcheneke!)

  2. Tell a brother/sister in Christ about the negative emotions you are feeling. Ask that they pray the truth of this passage over you.