In God's Time (Psalm 90)

Sermon Recap

Life gets so busy in the Bay Area that we often don’t take time to assess what it’s all for. We question what our purpose truly is, get disappointed by how mundane things are, and wonder if we’re really making any impact. This psalm challenges us to think about what it means to live faithfully in the face of the cold reality that we all one day will die.

1. Our Circumstance

Psalm 90 highlights the chasm between God and man. He is the eternal Creator and we are mortal creation. He transcends time while we are bound by it. If we are to have an honest assessment of our lives, we must first be oriented by these truths. Ultimately, death is where we all will end up which makes many of us wonder if anything we do matters.

2. Our Consequence

One of the big issues is we think death is the big problem when the real issue is sin. God’s wrath toward sin is manifested in death. Our culture tries to deal with this by either trying to excuse sin or escape it. Both attempts fail because they try to alter the character of an unchanging God to work around us. Instead, what we really need is to see what God has done about our sin.

3. Our Confidence

Thank God this psalm doesn’t end at v.12. It would be so hopeless! Instead, Moses prays that God would display his work and glorious power. He was eyewitness to it in the Exodus, which events all pointed forth to our Messiah, Jesus. In him, God accomplished his greatest work and displayed his most glorious power. By faith in him, our lives find the significance we long for and can live with the confidence we need.

Reflection & Application Questions

  1. What do you think it means to live a life of significance? To have purpose in everything you do? How do you know you’re living consistently that way?

  2. Find all the ways in which this psalm highlights the differences between us and God. How do you experience these differences in your day-to-day life?

  3. What are the ways you tend to excuse away your sin or escape it? Why doesn’t it work?

  4. How does Jesus display the work and glorious power of God? How have you seen it at work in your life?

  5. What do you think v.12 means in actual practice; ”So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom?”

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