Baptismal Union (Romans 6:1-8)


Full Text of Sermon

Due to technical issues, we do not have an audio recording available online. Instead, we have posted full text of this sermon. You can read the whole sermon or simply access the recap and reflection questions below.

Sermon Recap

When a couple gets married, they exchange rings as a symbol of their covenant union with one another. It is an outward sign (“look, we’re married!”) as well as a tangible seal (“with this ring I thee wed”). In a similar way, baptism signifies and seals our union with Christ. It is the sacrament of our union with the Son of God. 

1. Baptism Signifies and Seals Our Union with Christ

Scripture says a lot about the meaning of baptism for our union with Christ. It “counts the ways” he loves his bride, the Church, through baptism. In baptism, we participate sacramentally in Christ Himself! Baptism means union with Christ…

    1. In his death (Rom. 6:3-5)

    2. In his resurrection (Rom. 6:5)

    3. In adoption (Gal. 3:26-27)

    4. In new birth (Titus 3:5)

    5. in the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5)

    6. In freedom from sin (Rom. 6:7)

    7. As God’s holy saints (Eph. 5:26-27)

    8. As the Church! (Eph. 4:4-6)

2. Live Your Baptism!

Baptism gives us a new identity as through it we are united to Christ. And in light of that new baptismal identity, the NT frequently calls us to obedience—to live our baptism. Romans 6:11-14 and Titus 3:8-11 demonstrate this. Sin divides me from Christ. Baptism has united me to him.

Reflection & Application Questions 

  1. Are you amazed that God would unite you to Christ through baptism? In what ways does this reality make you stand back in wonder? If you lack that sense of wonder, why is that? 

  2. Which of the eight elements of our baptismal union with Christ that we highlighted is most encouraging to you? Which is the most difficult for you to remember or take ownership of? Why?

  3. What does Jesus say about the little children in Luke 18:15-17? How should our Lord’s posture toward the least of these inform our perspective of them in the church?

  4. Look at Romans 6:11-14 and Titus 3:8-11. What is the connection between baptism and the way we live the Christian life? Why is the connection so clear for Paul? Why is it less clear to us?

  5. Choose one element of your baptism to meditate on this week. How do you want that element to inform the way you live before God and others this week?