Revealing Glory (Titus 2:11-14)

Sermon Recap

Paul uses the word “appear” twice in Titus 2:11-14, the word that we get “epiphany” from. There are two epiphanies, revelations of Christ and his grace in this passage. They point to God’s glorious grace being revealed to us and through us to the world. 

1. Grace Revealed to Us in Christ

Titus 2:11 and 2:14 show us the glory of God’s grace in Christ. It is a grace that is without borders, a grace in which God gives himself, a grace that redeems us, and a grace by which Christ cleanses us and makes us his

2. Grace Revealed Through Us to the World

Paul says we need to be trained, disciplined to live for Christ, because his grace is revealed through us to the world around us (Titus 2:12). We need to put off ungodliness and worldly passions and put on self-control, righteousness and godliness. We need to do all that so that we can give faithful witness to Christ and his grace! We have beautiful feet (Romans 10:14-15)! We have been sent to this place to reveal God’s grace.

3. The Hope of Grace to Be Revealed

We can only be part of revealing God’s grace if we put our hope in Christ (Titus 2:13). Without hope, we can’t reveal God’s grace. With hope, we can go with courage into our neighborhoods with the gospel of God’s borderless, self-giving, redeeming, cleansing grace.

Reflection & Application Questions 

  1. Why is it significant that God’s grace is without borders (Titus 2:11)? What is the alternative?

  2. What does it mean to you that God gave himself in Christ? Do you take this for granted?

  3. From what have you been redeemed? What lawlessness do you need deliverance from? 

  4. Do you believe that you are cleansed and belong to God? What shows you this?

  5. In what ways is God using you to reveal his grace to others right now? Name some people that he has put in your life and wants to show his grace to through you!

  6. What sin, selfishness or desires do you need to put off in order to put on Christ and display his grace to others? What does repentance look like for you today?

  7. How does our hope in Christ’s return strengthen us to do good works and share the gospel with neighbors? How can you put on hope today?