Full of Glory (Titus 1:1-4)

Sermon Recap

Normal life isn’t typically full of mystery. It isn’t shot through with wonder or brimming with glory. It’s average. Ordinary. Hum drum. Normal. Church life can especially feel that way. But Paul shows us in Titus 1:1-4 that, in Christ, our normal is full of glory. 

1. Glorious Identity

Paul begins his letter by speaking of his (and our) glorious identity in Christ. He is a slave of God (just like Jesus; Phil. 2:5-8), sent by Christ to people like us. And we have been chosen by God to know and be like him. Our identity in Christ is glorious!

2. Glorious Calling

God has called us to make Christ visible (manifest) through the proclamation of his Word (see also 1 John 1:1-3). When we preach Christ, we put him on display for the world to see! Our mission as God’s people is to make the eternal Son of God, Jesus Christ himself manifest here and now. 

3. Glorious Family 

Paul calls Titus “my true child in the faith” (v.4). Paul has poured into Titus in a discipling relationship that has brought Titus to a place of maturity from which he can pour into others—disciples, making disciples, making disciples. This is who we are and the glorious family God has made us part of by his grace.

Reflection & Application Questions 

  1. Who are you? How would you define your identity? Why?

  2. How does Paul define our identity in Christ? What is glorious about this identity? Why is it so difficult to remember how glorious it is?

  3. Are you a willing slave of Christ? What stops you from submitting fully to his will?

  4. We have the glorious calling of putting the Son of God on display for all those around us. How confident do you feel in your ability to pursue that calling? How can you grow to do it?

  5. We are part of a glorious family of disciples making disciples. Who is pouring into you? Who are you pouring into? How are you participating in this discipling-making family that is the church?