Called to Die

Title: Called to Die

Text: Ephesians 5:25-32

  1. Husbands Are Called to Die
  2. Husbands Earn Trust Like Jesus
    1. Her Life. Not Mine.
      • Trust is the confidence… that [others’] intentions are good, and that there is no reason to be protective or careful around [them]. –Patrick Lencioni
      • A godly man takes the initiative. He takes responsibility in the home, in the church, and in the community.… [T]he husband has the responsibility to take the initiative. That doesn’t mean, of course, that the wife can’t take the initiative. A husband ought to thank his wife when she takes the initiative, but he should feel it as something of a rebuke when she has to take the initiative in areas that should be his responsibility like: Resolving conflict; Ensuring decisions are made in a godly way; Discipling and teaching children. That doesn’t mean he does it all, but he can’t abdicate responsibility to his wife. –Tim Chester
    2. Her Good IS Mine.
      1. So you’re not being a good husband when you simply pursue your own interests, nor when you passively give in to your wife’s wishes. You’re being a good husband when you actively pursue the things that will help your wife blossom and grow. But there’s a big difference between that, and just doing what she likes. At times you’ll need to put your wife’s holiness before her happiness. –Tim Chester
    3. Our Identity. Not Mine.
  3. How This Applies…
    1. In Conflict
    2. In Decision-Making
    3. In Parenting