I am excited to go and I want to help the people in need. I hope I will learn a lot. I want to share God’s love with them so they can trust Him even when life is hard for them. I hope to help them as much as we can.
— Tyler, Malawi Team Member (Age 8)

The Need in Mcheneke

Orphans and courageous care workers in Mcheneke. 

Orphans and courageous care workers in Mcheneke. 

According to the World Bank, Malawi is the world’s poorest country with a per capita GDP of $240. That means the average Malawian lives on 66 cents a day! And Mcheneke is not average Malawi; it is a community ravaged by the HIV/AIDS epidemic without the ability to pull itself up out of its destitution. Hands at Work has identified 600 orphans and vulnerable children in Mcheneke; they currently provide services for 150 with the support of Grace Alameda and our sister churches.

Hands at Work is a home-grown African organization that helps to empower the planet’s poorest communities—like Mcheneke—and give them hope of a brighter future. They connect churches in the West with these impoverished communities for the sake of encouragement, prayer, service, and fundraising.

Please consider giving to our Malawi Team!

Reaching and serving the poorest people on the planet is an expensive proposition. You may not be able to go to Mcheneke yourself, but by giving you can contribute significantly to one of the neediest places on earth. 


Grace Alameda Malawi Team, 2016

Our Malawi Team will spend time serving the care workers who tirelessly serve the children of Mcheneke. We will build relationships, visit orphans and widows, and show them that people who live 10,000 miles away love them and want to know them. 

I will probably gain more from them than they will from me. Witnessing the lives of the widows and orphans in Mcheneke will probably break me and humble me. Seeing joy in the care workers amidst their hardships will most likely challenge me. I hope to learn selflessness and gain greater perspective while I’m there and to break out of my safe bubble in suburban CA. I’m excited to see what God will do through our team and for our team.
— Angie Chang, Malawi Team Member
To be able to walk so briefly in the shadow of those who know suffering and hardship so much greater than I have ever known, to help lift their burdens, to join in working with them, and playing with them, in sharing life with them... I know that I will meet God there in fresh and new ways, and I am eager to see what He will teach us all by His grace.
— Cornelia Ruff, Malawi Team Member
I want to learn first-hand the community-based model of care employed by Hands at Work. This model works. It is powerful and effective, and based on love. I hope to witness how Hands at Work embraces its local communities so that I can come back with a greater heart to serve those suffering in my own local communities.
— Justin Chang, Malawi Team Member

How to Get Involved


You may never have the chance to visit the beautiful children of Mcheneke, but you can still be involved in supporting and serving them. Here are some ways you can help!


Come to our Pie-Pie Party!!!

At our Pie-Pie Party for the Poorest on the Planet on July 23 (5-9PM at 133 Central Ave. in Alameda), we will be serving wood-fired pizzas & homemade pies, fun activities for the kids, & have a silent auction benefiting our Malawi team & the work in Mcheneke. Come bid on great prizes & have fun doing it! Learn more about the Pie-Pie Party here!

Donate to Our Silent Auction

We hope to partner with local businesses and individuals to help make our silent auction a success. If you have a good or service to donate, please help

Give to Our Online Campaign

Help send our team to serve the people of Mcheneke by making a direct donation. You can give and find out more at gofundme.com/gamalawi2016

Pray for Our Team & for Mcheneke

“Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation” (Psalm 68:5). The people of Mcheneke are dear to God’s heart. Please pray for them and for us as we go to serve!