Walking in the Word 2017 - Luke 13:4-5

No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.
— Luke 13:5

I was watching primetime TV a couple nights ago when an informercial popped on for miracle water. Some huckster was selling it and abusing the name of God, claiming that a sip of this spring water was enough to change a person's life. It was followed by the testimonies of the misled, claiming that the water had healed them, made them wealthy, or lifted them out of depression. It was disheartening and sad yet a true sign of the times where for any price, people can buy airtime to vomit whatever false message they had.

It's interesting to think that the "spiritual but not religious times" who may subscribe to a karmic existence would watch a commercial like this and scoff. Because ultimately, this health and wealth/name it-claim it false message is karmic at its heart as well. Do this, get that. Avoid it at your own peril. To be angry at these slimeballs and yet turn to your own karmic system is to be wildly inconsistent in how your belief system functions.

Jesus clearly showed our God did not operate with a quid pro quo mentality. The Tower of Siloam did not prove that the victims were worse sinners than others; it only proved that we can't expect the unexpected. Hurricane Katrina doesn't strike land because New Orleans is a den of sin and 9/11 didn't happen because New York has led people spiritually astray. They happen because the consequences sin leaves this whole world plunged in brokenness and darkness. It's not just the laws of thermodynamics and physics that says things fall apart. An honest look in the mirror or an honest word from your spouse will tell you the exact same thing. Karma only works because you're denying these realities.

The Tower of Siloam fell because death comes to all at some point or another. What is in question however is which of those who die will be raised again in the Resurrection of the dead when Christ returns? Who has tasted of new life in Jesus and will see restored perfection on that day of glory? Drinking miracle spring waters from idiot salesmen is settling for far too little and seizing control with no ability to actually wield it. It demands from God that which He does not offer. Our arms are too short to scratch God's back. And our deeds too minuscule to expect Him to scratch ours in return.

Instead, we trust in Christ and the promise that His Father is our Father. That God can make sense of a world which has lost its sense in sin and that He is good, loving, and merciful. That we were created for more than just bigger bank accounts, sunny days, even cures for cancer. But we were created to bring glory to Him, whether it's a tower that falls apart or our lives that do.