Succession, Stamped from the Beginning, Mission:Impossible - Stuff We Like #16

Summer's going by too fast, feed your brain something that will last.


Shows I Like

Succession (HBO)

An incredible show that explores power differentials that the ultra-wealthy enjoy, the cutthroat world of corporate power, and the soul-crushing hold fathers have over their children. Cynical but hilarious, dark but ridiculous, Succession both lampoons a world absolutely foreign to the 99% and challenges us why we try so hard to become the 1% in the rest of life. 

Books I Like

Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi


I'm no history buff and don't particularly enjoy reading history books. This however might be the most powerful book I've read this year thus far. Kendi tracks the foundations of the racial inequalities evident today. Not only does it point out political and socio-economic roots of these problems but how certain stereotypes and attitudes have developed in the course of our nation's existence. It's a hefty read but well worth the time invested.

Movies I Like

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Look, I'm not keen on supporting Scientology either. But this is easily the most action-packed movie I've seen in awhile and I think the Fast and Furious movie franchise is the best series of movies ever made. Fun fact: Tom Cruise, when he made this movie, is a year older than the Quaker Oats guy when he made his commercial: 


Yeah that guy. Also, my favorite past-time is watching Tom Cruise running.