Choosing Church, Int'l Parents Say "Chill", Picasso, Movies to Share, and Evidence of the Fall – Stuff We Like #18

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Art I Like - The Blind Man’s Meal (Picasso, 1903)


For those of us in the sighted world, we cannot imagine being unable to see. We are moved to pity for those who do not "see" the world in the way that we do. But Picasso's painting forces us to reconsider; his subject touches the pitcher of wine, and holds the bread, symbols of Christ's own life and death. The "blind" man may indeed "see" God far more deeply than those of us who are distracted by the busyness of the sighted world.

A Fun Article I Like

Movies Every Millennial Dad Should Introduce to His Kids

I was super proud when I read this. I think Kathy and I have covered at least half of the list!

I was super proud when I read this. I think Kathy and I have covered at least half of the list!

Two Parenting Articles I Like

From Tokyo to Paris, Parents Tell Americans to Chill

Because we apparently have no chill.

Wise Parenting Dos and Don’ts from 1886

I like this one: “Explain the reason why. The child is a little walking interrogation point. To it all is new. Explain the reason. Your boy will some day repay this trouble by teaching some other child.”

Two Thought-Provoking Articles I Like

Choosing Church

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Best word of advice: “A healthy church will help you get over yourself.” Gold!

Private Dreams and Public Ideals in San Francisco


To have grown up through San Francisco’s recent history is to be haunted by the visions of progressivism that did not end up where they were supposed to, that did not think far enough ahead and skidded past the better world they planned. It’s to be paranoid about second- and third-order social effects, to distrust endeavors that cheer on sensibility more than sense. It’s to have seen how swiftly righteous dreams turn into cloister gates; to notice how destructive it can be to shape a future on the premise of having found your people, rather than finding people who aren’t yours.

Two Articles as Evidence of the Fall

Black Man’s Fatal Encounter With Police Strikes Close to Home in Silicon Valley

This man is a modern saint. His ministry has had a tremendous influence in my life. He isn’t gone yet, but he will be sorely missed.