Middle Child Extinction, George Lucas Is Crazy, LES BLEUS, and Black Dignity in a White World – Stuff We Like #15

My first post-paternity leave version of:

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Children I Like - Margot!!!

I mean, I like all of my children. But welcoming our fourth child into our family has been delightful in a way I couldn't have expected. She is a joy to all of us. I'm in love. 

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Books I Like

I'm Still Here, by Austin Channing Brown


Our only change at dismantling racial injustice is being more curious about its origins than we are worried about our comfort. It's not a comfortable conversation for any of us. It is risky and messy. It is haunting work to recall the sins of our past. But is this not the work we have been called to anyway? Is this not the work of the Holy Spirit to illuminate truth and inspire transformation? It's haunting. But it's also holy.

She's a black woman with a white man's name. Her parents gave it to her on purpose so that she could get her foot in doors that are typically closed to people like her. This is a brutally honest, challenging book, written by a Christian woman learning to exist with dignity in the body God gave her in a world that constantly undermines that dignity. 

The Dark Tower, by C.S. Lewis


This is a collection of short stories, many of which are available elsewhere. The whole reason to read this book is for ONE story, "The Man Born Blind."  It is genius and heartbreaking and opens your mind to things it should definitely open up to. Also, the title story will be interesting to anyone who has read Lewis's space trilogy. 

John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor, by W. Robert Godrey


This is a short, readable biography of one of the greatest Reformation theologians, written by one of my old seminary professors. Calvin was a flawed man, but he had a glorious God and it was his deep understanding of God's Word that led him to be one of the most influential figures in Western history. 

Son of Laughter, by Fredrick Buechner


Buechner is one of my new favorite novelists. This fictional retelling of the life of Jacob (son of Isaac, which means laughter) puts you in the ancient world and makes you feel the visceral earthiness of the life of the biblical patriarchs. 

Articles I Like

The Extinction of the Middle Child

Apparently, August 12 is Middle Child Day. Many of our most important national figures have been middle children (Abe Lincoln!). In the 1970s, 40% of mothers had 4 or more children. Today, nearly two-thirds of mothers have either 2 or 1 child.  The author claims we need middle children now more than ever. I don't know about that, but this is an interesting look at family dynamics in our culture.

George Lucas reveals his plan for Star Wars 7 through 9—and it was awful

Jedi's inside a human body. Because, of course.

Jedi's inside a human body. Because, of course.

I never thought I'd say this, but here it goes: Thank God Disney owns Star Wars. We already knew that old George Lucas is bad at making movies (two words: Jar Jar). But somehow, he was going to take the franchise in an even worse direction. Mickey's corporate overlords have somehow saved us. 

Soccer Teams I Like - FRANCE!!!

The last time France was in the final, Kathy and I were on our honeymoon. And that game did not end nearly as well as this year's final against Croatia! 


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