Klay’s Kisses, Parenting by Grace, and Loving Orphans – Stuff We Like #12

It's hard to know when to stop. There's so much…

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Moments I Like - Klay's Kiss

Klay is the best Warrior on the internet. First #ChinaKlay. Now this.


After hitting a three in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals Monday, the normally quiet, reserved, most-likeable-because-he-never-speaks-up Klay Thompson blew a kiss to the Houston crowd. It was this glorious moment of competitive greatness and snark. It made my night.

Books I Like

Give Them Grace, by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson

If you're going to read a book on how the gospel applies to parenting, there's no better book than this one. Here is an article-length distillation of the book's message, and below is Elyse discussing the ineffectiveness of rules to change our kids. 

This Letter to a Young Parent, by Jamie Smith, is in the same vein and speaks to our children's participation in the Christian community. Like Mariellyn said Sunday, "if it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a church to raise a Christian!"

The Princess and the Goblin, by George MacDonald


This book has one of the most brilliant illustrations of what it means to live by faith that I have ever read!!! I read it to my kids last month and they thoroughly enjoyed it. There is bravery, adventure, monsters, battlers, and a fairy grandmother. I highly recommend it!

Book SALES I Like - The Alameda Library Used Book Sale


Three days, thousands of titles, every six months at the officer's club on Alameda Point. The last day, you fill up a bag of books and pay $4 for it no matter how many you've got! All proceeds support the library. Next one is in October!

Podcasts I Like

Revolutions Podcast

This is a nerdy/guilty pleasure that Nate Puckett turned me on to (thanks Nate!). Starting in the 17th century, it tells the detailed story of the many revolutions that have taken place in modern history. I'm hooked. 

Stories I Like - Moses from Mcheneke

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Moses lived with his mother. She died when he turned 7. He and his little sister then moved in with their grandmother. She was weak and elderly, and struggled to provide basics like blankets and soap. He longed to go to school, but they couldn’t afford the minimal enrollment fee.

This was his situation until a Hands at Work care worker, Fanny, visited his home

Grace Alameda partners with our sister churches, Christ Church and Wellspring, to support 200 orphans in Moses’s community, Mcheneke, Malawi. Participate with us! (Be sure to select "Grace Alameda - Mcheneke" in the dropdown menu.) $20/month provides food security, health care, and education to children like Moses. 


What stuff do you like? Share in the comments below!