Ben Franklin’s Birthday Suit, Duffle Bag Boys, NYC & the Liturgy Letter - Stuff We Like #10

God has made this world good. Which is why there's so much stuff we like!

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Books I Like


Daily Rituals, by Mason Currey

This book is sheer gold! Want to know what Sartre at for breakfast? Want to know what Jonathan Edwards did on his walks? Want to know what Agatha Christie's desk looked like? You'll find all that and more in this account of the mundane life of hundreds of brilliant people. 

A few tidbits:

  • Benjamin Franklin would rather sit naked in the cold than take a bath. 
  • The novelist Marcel Proust wrote the entirety of In Search of Lost Time while lying in bed. And he hardly ever ate more in a day than café au lait and two croissants. 
  • The philosopher Soren Kirkegaard liked his sugar with coffee.
  • Jane Austen didn't have a private space of her own, but wrote her novels in the sitting room of her family cottage. 

The Great War and Modern Memory, by Paul Fussell


World War I ended one hundred years ago this November 11. This book is a study of the effect of the war on the psyche of Western civilization through the lens of its literature. And it is BRILLIANT.  Originally touted as "The War to End All Wars", it quickly became the war that many believed would never end. Edmund Blunden, writing of the catastrophic attack on the Somme, said this:

By the end of the day both sides had seen, in a sad scrawl of broken earth and murdered men, the answer to the question. No road. No thoroughfare. Neither race had won, nor could win, the War. The War had won, and would go on winning.

The modern world is, in many ways, a product of WWI. And this book reveals it expertly. 


Sites I Like

The Liturgy Letter

This site is excellent. It publishes a weekly newsletter with resources for Christian worship and prayer from both ancient and modern sources. It includes art, poetry, hymns, Spotify playlists, and links to various other resources. For example, I learned last week that Van Gogh preached (!!!) a sermon on October 29, 1876. And today I learned that it is the feast of St. Antipas of Pergamum (see Revelation 2:13). 


Cities I Like - NEW YORK!!!

I love just being in New York City. It's where I moved for my first job out of college. It's where Kathy and I met. It's where God called me into ministry. It's the greatest city in the… United States of America (Paris is the greatest city in the world, guys).  

Kathy and I had the chance to take a (NOT babymoon) trip there last week, and I was reminded of three things I especially like about NYC:

Book Stores

The Strand is incredible. 18 miles of books!

The Strand is incredible. 18 miles of books!

Old Bars

Old Town Bar was founded in 1892 and was a speakeasy during Prohibition. 

Old Town Bar was founded in 1892 and was a speakeasy during Prohibition. 


The Met is the best!!! 

The Met is the best!!! 

These are a few of my favorite things. 

Podcasts I Like

One Shining Podcast

The Duffle Bag Boys are the best. They break down the NCAA basketball scene as no one else can. They are funny, self-effacing, and entertaining as all get out. March Madness is done for now, but come next season, if you want to keep up with college hoops, you should subscribe. 



What stuff do you like? Share in the comments below!