Sermon Recap: The Spirit & Mission (John 16:7-11)

This is a recap of the latest sermon in our current series, Life in the Spirit

In John 16:7-11, Jesus promised He would send the disciples the Holy Spirit to give them the strength, the wisdom, and the love necessary to be about that mission of loving liberation. He sends His Spirit so He can send us on mission. 


1. Sent Spirit, Sent Church

Jesus sent His Spirit so He could send His church on this mission: to tell the world the good news that there is hope. There is freedom from sin and self. There is a new, true, good life available to them if they believe in Him (John 16:9)

2. Just Spirit, Just Church

We live in a world that longs for true justice, but can’t find it. Jesus was crucified by the false justice of this world (John 16:10). Christ called us to be salt and light and sent His just Spirit so we could be a just church and point the way to Him.

3. Liberating Spirit, Liberated Church

The ruler of this world was judged at the cross and resurrection (John 16:11). By humbling Himself and willingly dying, He sets us free from sin and disarmed spiritual evil in this world. And Christ sends the Spirit to the church to set us free from the power and persuasion of spiritual evil in this world.

Reflection & Application Questions

  1. How does sin stop us from being able to freely enter God’s love in Christ? 
  2. What are you tempted to be enslaved by? Ego? Approval-seeking? Fear? Self-doubt? Anger? Hatred? Selfishness? How can the Spirit set you free from these?
  3. What new purpose does Christ give to us as His people? Why is this a more fulfilling purpose than the ones we give ourselves?
  4. “Justice” and “righteousness” mean the same thing in Greek. What are the implications of this?
  5. Why do you think it’s important that the Spirit is just? Why is it important that the church walk in God’s justice? What are some ways that we fail to do this?
  6. What kind of freedom does Christ give us in the gospel? Why is it important for Christians to live in freedom? 
  7. How does gospel freedom fit together with gospel witness? Why is it important to keep the two of them together?