Francis and the Lights, The Ragamuffin Gospel, The Lost Art of Staying Put, and more - Stuff We Like #4

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Music I Like

Francis and the Lights - May I Have This Dance (Remix) [Feat. Chance the Rapper]

Nothing like a song with a wistful 80s feel. And Chance on any track is a cherry on top.

The Horrible Crowes - Behold the Hurricane

The loneliness of a lost heart brought to life where both song and video coalesce. When was the last time you were haunted by the weariness and sadness in a person's eyes like in the video?

Books I Like

The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up and Burnt Out, by Brennan Manning

There's nothing like a book that makes grace beautiful. That has the ability to pull you to one side and see Jesus anew, then yank you to another side and see him shine in a different light, like looking on each side of a diamond. This book leads me to worship, celebrate, and dance every time I go back to it.

Articles I Like

The Lost Art of Staying Put, by Lucy Ellmann

I inherited my father's wanderlust and love dreaming of places to go, sights to see, and things to eat. In an age where travel is the easiest it's ever been, more accessible in so many ways, and encouraged through so many avenues, Anthony Bourdain has my dream job. 


But when I actually get to the airport, things become a little different. I get herded like cattle, pawed over by a gloved stranger, and forced to become an Olympic sprinter to make it to the gate. Then I have the lovely privilege of being uncomfortable in a gigantic metal tube and praying for protection against engine failure, food poisoning, and a toddler's inability to cover their mouth when sneezing. Oh and I get to link arms with my seat neighbors like marching for civil rights. It's unifying in all the wrong ways.


This article reminded me home ain't too bad after all. Read for a reminder of why travel isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Stay for the last sentence which made me chuckle and choke on my morning coffee.

The Invasion of the German Board Games, by Jonathan Kay

There is a dark underbelly at Grace Alameda of board gamers. No, we're not talking about Candyland or Sorry! I'm talking the serious stuff, where intensity and competition are ratcheted up to unforeseen levels and explanation of the rules takes as long as actual game play. Where you'll be lucky to get more than one round of the game in before it's time to go home.  


The Germans have finally landed on American soil and they have brought their board games with them. It's amazing how fast this market has expanded over the past decade. ($75 million in 2013 to $305 million industry by 2016!) They're fun to play because they do engage the mind, require some strategy, but allow for a lot of conversation and community building so long as you tie up and duct tape the mouths of the uber-aggressive competitive personalities. Anybody willing to part with a sheep for an ore?

Scouts' Honor: All Thin Mints are Not Created Equal, by Kara Baskin

This is the kind of hard-hitting journalism I would love to do. This would be me doing research for the article: