Sermon Recap: Spirit and Truth (John 14:26; 16:12-15)

This is a recap of the latest sermon in our current series, Life in the Spirit.

There are perfect pairs in life that belong together: peanut butter and jelly, Romeo and Juliet, salt and pepper, Tom and Jerry. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit are a perfect pair as well. We know, believe, and proclaim God’s Truth in his Word only because the Spirit is at work in the Scriptures and within us.

1. Truth Revealed

While it would’ve been simpler to have Jesus forever teach us directly, it was always his plan to send us his Spirit to guide us. This isn’t a new idea for God has been revealing his truth by the Spirit since the beginning. From creation, where the Spirit hovered over the waters as God spoke earth into existence (Gen. 1:1-3) to the prophets who received a word of the Lord by the Spirit (2 Pet. 1:21), God’s Spirit has always worked hand in hand with God’s Word. You simply cannot separate the two.

2. Truth Believed

Knowing God’s truth however is different from believing it. It is here where the Spirit works again in bringing about faith in our hearts. Only the Spirit makes the Scriptures real to us. There is no need to look beyond the Bible for God’s truth because the Spirit is at work in it. It is the Spirit that also transforms how we live out our faith. The Spirit puts flesh on the bones of God’s Word, convicting us and placing desires in our hearts rooted in the foundation of God’s truth.

3. Truth Proclaimed

Finally, the Spirit was given to us for the purpose of proclaiming God’s truth to the world. A revival of the Spirit in our hearts and our cities only happens when we plant ourselves in God’s Word, trusting him in prayer. We need not new miracles but can bring forth his Word, the sword of the Spirit, as we take it to the nations.

Reflection and Application

  1. What or who are perfect pairs you can think of? What makes them go together so well?

  2. Why would the Bible and the Spirit be a perfect pair? What are various examples in the Bible where you see God’s Word working in partnership with the Holy Spirit?

  3. How does the Spirit’s work in our lives show that faith in the gospel is not just an intellectual exercise but actual spiritual change? Has this happened in your own life?

  4. In what ways do you see the Spirit “flesh out” God’s commands in Scripture? How does the Spirit make obedience to the same command in the Bible look different for each person?

  5. Why does the Spirit’s work in the Word lead us to be messengers of God’s truth?

  6. Why is the Spirit and the Word sufficient for God’s mission in this world? Why should we have boldness and courage in taking his Truth to the world?