Sermon Recap: Home (John 14:15-23)

This is a recap of the latest sermon in our current series, Life in the Spirit

In John 14-16, Jesus is preparing His disciples for His “going away” ( John 14:1-6). But He promises He and His Father will come to them and make their home with them (v.23). How will Jesus do that? He will send “another Helper,” the Holy Spirit (v.16-17). Jesus teaches us in this passage that in the presence of the Spirit, you are always home.

1. God Is Our True Home

When God created the world, He made humans to live with Him in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were exiled from His presence when they sinned—they lost their home. The entire OT could be told as a story of God’s people looking for their home with Him: in the tabernacle, in the Promised Land, and in the temple. In Jesus, God not only came to bring us home with Him; He came to make His home with us.

2. The Spirit Brings God to Us

The disciples felt “home” with Jesus. But He was about to die, rise, and ascend to the Father. Jesus promised they would not be homeless orphans. Rather, His work on the cross would cleanse their hearts by faith and make them a fit home for God by the Spirit!

3. In the Spirit, You Are Always Home

We remain “exiles” (1 Peter 1:1), part of the “Dispersion” ( James 1:1), awaiting the coming of the Lord to bring us finally home. At the same time, however, we are “no longer strangers and aliens” (Eph. 2:19), but “a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession” (1 Peter 2:9). And the way we know we are in the Spirit is if we love Christ (14:15) by obeying Him (v.21, 23).

Reflection & Application Questions

1. Reflect on the OT stories that you know. Where do you see Abraham and his descendants looking for “home”? (You can see this in Abraham’s life [Genesis 15, 23, etc.)] in where Jacob and Joseph were buried [Genesis 50]; in the importance of the Promised Land [the book of Joshua]; and in the construction of the temple [1 Kings 5-8].)

2. In what ways did Jesus fulfill God’s promise to be “home” with us?

3. How does the Spirit continue Jesus’s ministry to bring God “home” to us?

4. Where do you find your sense of home? Where do you feel like you belong? Where do you know you are accepted and loved?

5. In what ways do you see our culture trying to create “home” in the here and now? What human longing are we trying to fulfill when we attempt to create “home” in this world?

6. How does the Spirit making God “home” with us fulfill God’s promises? What promises still have yet to be fulfilled?