Sermon Recap: Bigger Than Jesus (John 14:12)

This is a recap of the latest sermon in our current series, Life in the Spirit

Jesus promised that His people, His church would do “greater works” than He did, because they would be empowered with the same Spirit He was.


1. The Power of the Spirit

Throughout His ministry Jesus was empowered by and dependent on the Holy Spirit. He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, calmed the storm, and raised the dead—NOT by His own strength as the Son of God—but by the Spirit dwelling in Him. 

2. Empowered by the Spirit

Jesus could say that we would do greater works than he did because we are empowered by the same Holy Spirit He was. And in addition to that, we have the Spirit after Christ has accomplished our salvation in His death and resurrection. We do greater works because we have a greater message that Jesus is already reigning as Savior and King.

3. Proclaiming Christ by Faith

“Greater works” is not a function of our ability, but the ability of the One in whom we place our trust. It is “whoever believes in me” that will do “greater works than these.” We fail to see the Spirit work in power in our lives because of unbelief. We don’t walk by faith and so we don’t step out in faith. We don’t step out in faith and so we aren’t dependent. We aren’t dependent, and so we don’t do “greater works” by the power of the Spirit. 

Reflection & Application Questions

  1. When Israel heard the prophecies about the Messiah and the power of the Spirit on Him, what do you think they expected? Did Jesus meet their expectations?
  2. Does Jesus’s promise that we will do greater works than He did meet your expectations of “greater works”? Why or why not?
  3. Have you placed your faith in Christ and been baptized in His name? Then you have the same Spirit Jesus did! Do you believe this? Why is it hard to live like we believe it?
  4. Are you dependent on the Holy Spirit in your daily life? Why or why not?
  5. Have you experienced a time when you were walking in dependent upon the Spirit? What was that like? Are you enjoying that now? Why or why not?
  6. Do you look for opportunities to proclaim the gospel to others? If you are not experiencing the Spirit’s power in your life, could it be that you aren’t dependent on Him and trusting in Jesus enough to see it?