ACTS 29 West Conference Reflections - Engage Hard Places

Recently, four of us from Grace Alameda attended the ACTS 29 West Regional conference in Reno, Nevada. It was a great three days of learning and reflecting on how the church can grow to engage different spheres of the ever-changing world around us. We felt it would be a waste if we didn't take the what we heard and shared it with all of you. The following is a reflection from the message below, "Engage Hard Places".

One glance at the title and I knew what it was going to be about. Some rousing speech about how churches have the responsibility to go to the poor, the prisoners, the prostitutes and bring the gospel to them. The speaker would probably make some reference to the nature of Jesus' ministry and how He focused so much on the lame, the blind, the disenfranchised and how we are to do the same. Throw in a sprinkle about how the 1st century church set itself apart from the Roman world by how they cared for the outcasts of their time and then find some sort of contemporary counterpart to model, maybe some ACTS 29 church that's doing some really great mercy work in an urban setting. I was about five steps away from hijacking the stage and giving the talk myself.

But that's why you always hear people out.